I am a product designer on the Sam’s Club team at Walmart. Here what I’ve been doing:

  • Working on in-club products for over 600 Sam’s Clubs, focusing on increasing inventory accuracy, associate productivity and satisfaction, and delighting members.

  • Delivered over 10 projects on data-intensive apps and retail data visualization.

  • Doing user research and design with a clear understanding of business needs and experience goals. Facilitating the adoption and evolution of the design system.

  • Driving innovation for inventory management with AI & AR technology.

Our team was awarded the best annual experience team in the whole company, and I was the key designer on the team.


Sam’s Club design team is a fantastic design community. I am so excited about working on a wide range of projects, taking ownership, design at the intersection of customer needs, business goals, and emerging technology.

I enjoy working in such a highly collaborative and agile development environment with engineers, PM, business, operations and many other stakeholders.

Being able to go to clubs for field research, testing prototypes with associates tones my design skills and make the solutions as intuitive and impactful as they can.

Seeing a huge improvement on revenue, accuracy, productivity motivates me a lot. Getting the “thank-you” messages from associates after launching new features always cheers me up.

Although I’m not able to show much of the work here due to some policy, I’m happy to share my journey here.